Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SNL Response

Wow, never has such a good idea gone wasted. Oh well.

Honorable mentions are toonces the driving cat, buckwheat, i hate it when that happens, hanz n' franz, coffee talk, cowbell, jane your an ignorant slut, middle age man, bass-0-matic, and the chronic(les) of narnia. Oh and this one

1) Of all the jeapordy skits to choose from this one is my favorite.

2) Who can forget this one. Classic Baldwin.

3) The Continental. I could only find a partial of this. Classic walken before the cowbell ever existed. Phil Hartman did the voice over and they used it after his death.

4) The greatest musical performance ever in the history of SNL?


AngryWhiteMan said...

for #2, I couldn't decide whether to laugh, or throw up. Never seen that one.

Skurny said...

That version of Soul Man is so classic...Dancin' machines!

Work has been crazy...I love this idea, Jnicho...I'm going to think about it. You guys remember, work, right? That thing you do inbetween stints of collecting unemployment that helps pay your bills? Anyone?