Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fuck all ya'lls

Been a long time guys. What's my excuse? I've been busy working. Yes, I'm back in corporate america doin my thing. Got a job at Westwood College chattin it up w/ potential students. God college is a joke. Come on now guys, you know i'm fucking with ya. Fuck Corporate America!! and fuck college in the brown eye.

In response to Jnicho's top fighter choice - I've never seen the dude but I'll have to youtube it when I get time... You know, I'm busy. Please, for the love of god, check out Urijah Faber. He's not as popular because he doesn't fight in ufc or pride but imo this dude is the best fighter in the world. He throws fierce punches for his size and his elbows are devastating. Also, he has an amazing amount of strength. He tosses his competition around like they are are in the wrong weight class.

Yes, the Cards are doing great thus far. HGH for the win! Sorry about your Tigers, Skurny. BB, when are we going to a Cards game at wrigleypooville?! Fuckin give a honkey a call! Us unemployeds should stick to our own kind.

Just moved to a new place. If you guys ever make it out to the burbs, we'll have to hang out. Oh wait, I haven't gotten a call to come to the city for a while from any of you. I can take a hint. bastards


jnicho5 said...

didn't you used to make of people who worked at westwood?

is westwood considered "college"?

Brown Buddy said...

did Vicky write this?