Monday, April 13, 2009

80k to vacation

No f'n way. F'n seriously? F'n christ!

Let's see:

Month 1) Sleep, order take out, drink beer delivered by pea pod. Watch lots of Kung Fu movies.
Month 2) Everything above plus shower, shave and leave my place on occasion
Month 3) Napa, New Orleans, New York, Philly, D.C., The Grand Canyon, Portland & Seattle
Month 4) Anything I didn't finish in Month 3, plus everything from Month 2.
Month 5) Call people at work to see if they remember me. Laugh at them. Go on interviews, laugh at all offers made.
Month 6-8) Lisbon, Seville, Madrid, Paris, Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Rome, Tuscany, Marche, Sicily, Crete, Peloponesia, Athens, Istanbul, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Morocco, London, Home.
Month 9-10) Tokyo, Seoul, Naha, Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kuala Lampur, Sumatra, Home.
Month 11) Go through all of my sh!t that I gathered from the last 5 months.
Month 12) See if work needs me back or if I can take off another 12 months for 60k.

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