Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Not quite as angry. A little more tan. A far cry from a man.

1. My fb account got hacked and deleted. I know you all missed me tremendously so I thought I'd grace you with my presence in whatever capacity I could. fb is gay btw. I like this blog 10x better anyway.

2. What is there to write about? eh, nothing new here. Still living in the armpit of America. Do you realize how fucking hot it is here? I love it, don't get me wrong but damn it's hot. The last two days have been in the high 80's to low 90's. Before this week, I bet there wasn't one day in the past three weeks that didn't peak at 100+ with ridiculous humidity.

It's cool for people like me. You know, the sexy ones that are able to walk outside without seven layers of clothing to hide their fat bodies. Exactly what I picture Mark looking like right now. But really, you'd think that there wouldn't be that many fatties but they are everywhere now that it's nice. As opposed to only "normal" people being outside a week ago. I bet this angers brown buddy soooo bad. I love it!

3. Going to Aruba in a few weeks. Long story... I got this chick pregnant and I have to fly to the native land to meet her parents. They are loaded! Screw the lotto - it's the jackpot I always wanted to hit. This might be a huge lie. Maybe not.

4. I'm really contemplating making my own (insert random meat here) jerky. My jerky to your ribs, JNicho. I figure it's the healthiest cooking option to start as a hobby. Well, I'll make it healthy.

5. Football is among us. God am I glad I'm not on your group discussion about what teams, players, blah blah... Just glad it's back.

6. 'Mocraft

7. 17 is legal in Texas. Haha. Don't worry, I've had chances but I've abstained...for now. The disgust on BB's face. I wish I could see it.

8. I'm working at AIU Houston campus. God, that's not even funny to joke about. I get emails every once in a while from the Alumni Association wanting me to be active in the Chicago chapter. Are they fucking kidding? No joke, this does kinda make me mad. And I can't unsubscribe. I'll have to log back in to the "campus" and change my settings. I fucking hate that place. Funniest thing, I went a job interview down here and they said, "You didn't get your degree online did you?" I said no, or else I wouldn't have been offered the job.

College in general is just a huge rip. Don't get me started. THE next huge economic failure we'll see here in the US. Thank god for student loans.


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