Wednesday, February 14, 2007


  • Wish my brother a happy b-day. V-day = Jimbo's b-day. He turns 34 today, and so far its been one hell of a ride. Happy b-day Jim-ster! Here's to a whole bunch more.
  • Got my offer letter from work. I start next Wed. Turns out the pay structure is more than I expected which is good right?
  • My wife called in today. Hip Hip Hooray. No amount of money earned from work can beat quality time with the family.
  • You know I screwed over my last temp job two years ago to come work at AIU. It was a temp-to-perm gig that was going to pay me (wait for it) 28 grand with a potential to go up to (wait for it again) 35 grand if I busted my ass for 3 years. I got the AIU call and had a really, really tough decision to make between 28k and 40k. Well I gave my temp agent the heads up but I don't think he told his boss. AIU moved quick and interviewed me on a Wed, second interviewed me on a Thurs, and then asked me to start on Mon. I told my on site employer and apologized. She seemed pretty understanding and told me she would've done the same thing. She then called my temp agent's boss and screamed up a storm about having a "deal" and how I was the third temp to leave that job in two months and how she was relying on them to provide the quality employees they promised. I'm assuming my temp agent's boss chewed out my temp agent who I think sold me down river because both were pretty cold to me. I'm sure he never mentioned to my his boss that he knew about my interview for a week. What was I supposed to do take a lower paying job? Any way I think I've been blacklisted 'cause I can't get temp work since at any agency. And it's been two years. What can I say? Karma is a bitch.


Skurny said...

I hate to think what a Valentine's day and a birthday celebration is like in prision...god be with your possibly incarcerated brother.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Simple: a man's buttocks reddened to the shape of a heart.

Brown Buddy said...

I screwed a temp agency over pretty badly too back in the day...the guy was a huge dick about it too.

AngryWhiteMan said...

They are Temp agencies for crying out loud! They aren't even people.

jnicho5 said...

No that brother is smart enough to reach 34. I doubt my two younger one's will. Especially the youngest.