Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Is For Lusters -- by J.O.B.

1) Has anyone else laughed at the humor in the initials for Valentine's Day being the same as the ones for venereal disease? I'm sorry, but someone mentioned celebrating VD at work today and I had a triple take.

2) Why I'm a smart married guy: My wife put a bug in my ear late last year about a concert she wanted to go to. I bought her the tickets for Christmas, thus eliciting great elation from the missus for not only remembering, but acting. The date for the concert? February 10th. I threw in a dinner last Saturday before the concert and officially knocked out my Valentine's Day gift obligation. That's right, two holidays covered for the price of one. Drop a $3 card today and I'm money. I should open a school.

3) Does anyone have the over/under on All-Star Weekend affiliated arrests that are going to happen in Vegas this weekend? I'm going to go with 25 and my gut is telling me that there will be at least one well known NBAer who ends up with some type of crazy prostitute issue that goes public.

4) Try and figure out how long I'll be able to listen to my companies recorded earnings call (and by listen I mean call into and put my headset down to post here) before my manager recognizes that number from my daily call report.

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