Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Goaly Moaly!

Happy Wednesday everyone. For right now I'll just be posting on this site once a day. Goals be it.

1) I'm no longer a jobless loser.
2) I'm a loser with career path.
3) My job is like AIU on 'roids. Seriously. Reverse sell, slight deception, 30-40 dials an hour, 200 dials a day, bang a gong when a sale is made, dry-erase status boards, lead sheets galore.
4) The bad news: No computer, 7:45am to 5 or 6 every night. 1/2 hour lunch. No vending machines. Two toilets for a floor full of guys. Smaller cubes than AIU. Higher turnover.
5) The good news: If I make it at the company 40-65k first year (if I don't I'll be out of there within a month). 80k+ after that. There are guys in my position bringing down 180+. There are 17 of me and were going to expand to 40 by the fall. Which means I can get promoted and move quicker to the six figure salary. The promotion I'm looking at pays about 80k the first year and ass kickers get it within the first 60 days. I've got a boss very similar to Tommy Vail, and what I mean is he doesn't care how hard you work as long as your doing your job. ESOP program within 3 years. The last time one of the owners did this the company jacked up to 500 million with every employee getting a minimum of a mid 6 figure one time bonus. Ass kickers got 7 figures. If the company goes public after that shares would triple minimum but more likely go up to 8 to 10 times as much. And that's my J-O-B.


Brown Buddy said...

well it certainly isn't going to be very fun for you for the next few months...I'll say that. But it sounds like you could make a dick load of money too. And with no computer all day? We know you are good on the have no choice BUT to succeed. Do you know how many meatlogs, barley and hops you can buy with 180k?? The answer? Lots.

Skurny said...

Jnicho + Meatlogs = Another Saturday Night in Boystown

jnicho5 said...

Exactly. Its literally produce or leave. And non-producers usually leave after a month. I asked the trainer how many employees it took to get to those 17 out there on the floor and he said, "about a couple of hundred".

Brown Buddy said...

I feel like this environment is eerily similar to "Boiler Room"

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...


"I hope this is better than the last batch of s**t you gave me. Produced more wood than Ron Jeremy. I don't want you to yell, "Reco!" anymore. Know what you should yell? "Timber!" Yeah, Mr. Effin' wood. I hear you effin' makin' your calls. It's B.S., all right? I mean if you want them off the phone so bad, why don't you just hang up? You should get them excited. You know, excited? They should beg for a broker on the first call."

AngryWhiteMan said...

"well it certainly isn't going to be very fun for you for the next few months"

It will if he sucks but it will but it will be pretty fucking awesome if he's doing good. I don't know about you guys but I really liked the high pressure sales shit. It's nice to see energy and have a reason to compete. Also doesn't hurt to get paid for it.