Thursday, February 15, 2007

Unbelievable -- by J.O.B.

I'd be a moron if I didn't post this clip I saw on this morning. Five words: Tony Romo and Mr. Belding.


Skurny said...

"Come up here you fucking pussy!"

Brown Buddy said...

"fuck Ryan Cabrera" LOL, these guys were actually pretty funny. They were like a dirtier version of Hairbangers Ball. What the fuck was Belding doing there anyway? Two years ago, he called my friend Melissa on her birthday, as part of, so I know he'll do anything for money...but geez. (funny sidenote to that phone call, before it actually happened, I had Josh Pease call her from work pretending to be Belding, and had him hit on her. She got creeped out and hung up)

jnicho5 said...

I am that guitar player