Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today Is Gonna Be A Day -- by J.O.B.

1) Yeah, Brown Buddy came on to "break the news" last night, but "F it, I'm going deep." As reported, Tim Hardaway came out saying he hates the gays. Now I'm a "hate the sinner, not the sin" kind-of-guy, but I almost gave kudos for to Hardaway for speaking his mind. Then he recanted later and said he didn't really hate gay people. Come on Tim, you had a legion of people ready to back you, why back off? Oh yeah, you probably still need a paycheck. Wait a minute, how did he end up getting asked anyway? I seriously think that when lightning rod events happen in sports, former players that work for media outlets get pumped (ideal terminology for this situation) for current or other former players that will have an adverse, attention-grabbing reaction. Until this came out, you forgot that Tim Hardaway actually played in the NBA, didn't you? Now all of a sudden he just happens to show up on the radio hammering 'Mos? I call B.S.

2) Continue my argument about National ID cards. This is a bad idea. Maybe the government can just burn numbers into our arms. Maybe we can put up check points at every exit to every state and ask travellers if they have their papers. Hope you guys have are training for your militia work. I'm currently trying to recruit Tank Johnson.

3) Continue to try and incite my office-mate to rock one of his adversaries in the office. As he gets more frustrated about crap in the office, certain colleagues become more annoying. I can see him getting ready to boil. Watching him punch a guy would be funny, but I'd take a quick meltdown for comedy sake.

4) So, we now have a board up in the office to track our daily activity. This is on top of the daily e-mail that comes out that allows us to see each others daily activity. This is on top of the dial report that we can pull up on the whole team at any minute. The board is supposed to be an additional motivator, even though it sits in a room with only a couple of the salespeople. So now my name is on a board. Yeah, that's what inspires me to sell. Potential humiliation.

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jnicho5 said...

Now you have board?! Sounds like AIU all over again.