Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Last day of loafing around

I start work tomorrow. Boo. Probably will post in the evenings.


  • God damn is AWM ever angry. Start with the last comment posted on Brown Buddy's goals. Apparently he was so pissed he deleted what he originally wrote and then re-posted that rant of a comment. Apparently not through yet, they carried over into his goals. Bitter, bitter goals...
  • Willingly acknowledge and admit that I'm probably mostly to blame for AWM bitterness as of late. He's even said it numerous times in e-mails and commentary that I'm the reason why he's angry and miserable. Because I always tear him down, and not for the fact that he brings it upon himself. The solution? Quit acknowledging AWM. That should make him ecstatic.
  • I'm absolutely exhausted from running errands this morning. I left at 10 this morning and just got back 15 minutes ago. Sitting at a desk is looking more and more appealing.
  • I wonder if I work friday? Orientation is two days starting tomorrow and my official first day of work is Monday. What do you think?

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