Tuesday, February 20, 2007


1. Since when do people start making up their own nicknames? Brown Buddy is actually the version he came up with. It was actually started by my friend Ron who always called him Little Brown Buddy. I guess I can understand why he’d want to change it. I’d have issues too if I was 5’2”. Butt we still luv ya lil foreigner.

2. Really, what good is Jnicho to this group? All the guy does is talk about shit people don’t care to hear about like smoking meat or making his own beer. He contributes nothing of quality that anyone would care to read. Only thing he’s good for is trying to start controversy out of nothing. But what else does the guy have? For shits sake, the dude can count all of his friends on one finger.

3. I am requesting that when Skurny uses some random dude to make a point that he links the Wikipedia entry to it.

4. Finally!! A real sport starts in 1 week! Hello Spring Training!!

Bonus Goal: My gf asked me to not eat meat for Fat Tuesday... I laughed.


jnicho5 said...

Look in the mirror dude. Your the one who instigates on this blog.

Oh yeah that's right you hate the person in that mirror.

AngryWhiteMan said...

Someone on the team just referred to you as a Bobble Head. We are now taking bets on what size of hat you wear. My bet is 9 1/2.

Brown Buddy said...

but I thought no one asked about him??

AngryWhiteMan said...

Yeah, it was after I posted earlier. Somebody saw me watching the clip of Roy Jones Jr. that he posted and someone walked by and said "Let me guess, -Insert real name- sent you that?" I nodded and he said "Jesus, does that guy talk about anything else?" I replied back, "Yeah, smoking meat." - True story.