Friday, February 16, 2007

Thank Goals its Friday!

Fridays are for recognizing (so you best recognize)

1) Mad props to J.O.B. for setting up the blog e-mail account. How do you guys like the desription? I pulled a Mencia. Seriously let me know if you want changes.

2) Big shout out to the folks at Kiss Me Suzy. I hope you enjoy.

3) Congratulations Brown Buddy. I think when phil get's canned or leaves on AIU you should insist on helping him find a better opportunity. Then don't, but tell him you're busting your ass for him but only send him on interviews at Ameriprise, Career Builder, and CDW. Blame it all on his resume.

4) I'd also like to recognize Angry White Man. This one's for you.


AngryWhiteMan said...

And your new job is any better than this?

jnicho5 said...

Yes condsidering its less work and more pay, better hours, and a smaller staff.