Friday, February 16, 2007

Fridays are Gay

1) Sad news today from Spring Training, where one of the great postseason warriors has called it quits. Sad, he literally crippled himself so the Red Sox could win it all in '04. Would you make that tradeoff? Which would you rather do? Play 15 years, make 10 million every year, and retire ringless? Or play 5 years, make the minimum, and win it all?

2) No longer unemployed! Although I don't start till March 6th, I think I'm going to Virigina for a week somewhere between now and then (but only if my mom buys the ticket- yes I know I'm a mama's boy)

3) 50th Anniversary of the Cat in the Hat. Gay.

4) I need something to write about for my site...anyone have any ideas? I have a couple of drafts working right now, one of them is about the NBA and its wild popularity in the late 80's. But its probably boring, I need new ideas! Damn this writers block...


J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Thanks for linking me to a job recruiter website, Buddy. Depending on how stringent Big Brother is here, I may need your help sooner rather than later.

Skurny said...

Dr. Suess was a drug addict.