Saturday, February 10, 2007

Weekend Goals II

1) Second interview Monday at a recruiting firm downtown. Pays well, awesome location, really nice office, cute girls everywhere. If they make an offer, I'm taking it.

2) Great moment from my interview yesterday:

me: "and they used some outside company called 'hyperquality' to monitor all of our calls"

guy: "they did WHAT?

me: "is that not normal...?"

guy: "that's....not how most companies conduct that even legal?"

3) I just realized that if I do take this position, I could potentially help Phil out of his misery, and into a more productive career. But will I? Meh

4) Lovie Smith- the first African American to lose the Super Bowl.

1 comment:

jnicho5 said...

That onion article was hilarious.

I think if you help Phil it should be only in jobs that pay nothing as well as get him on some sort of black list among all temp agencies. I'd give you a medal.