Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blackout Restrictions Suck -- by J.O.B.

So, I have to be on the computer because I have crap to do. Naturally, I want to throw March Madness On Demand on the computer while I'm working, because really, what's work if you're not slacking at the same time? Anyway, I hit "watch now" on the one remaining game that's going, and I get a message saying I can't watch it online due to blackout restrictions in my area. Blackout restrictions in my area? On TV maybe, but if I could watch the game on TV, I wouldn't be trying to tune in on my effing computer.

Sure, I could just watch the end of the game on TV and come back to the work when it's over, but that isn't going to happen. A main issue J.O.B. has (yes, my anger has made me speak in the 3rd person,) is that if I am lying down or even on a couch when it's raining outside and late, there is a 500% chance that I will pass the heck out. Right now it's raining like Pacman Jones with a wad of hundreds at Sapphire, so basically that's out. Seriously, how do you black out internet access to a game? That's the whole point of putting the games online, so people that don't have access to a television can watch them.

Other rants about the tourney today ...

-> I have to say that I feel SIU got hosed. Julian Wright's shot at the end of the first half, plus the Mullins "airball" that hit the rim equal four points. The Saluki's, who by all accounts played a better ball game than KU, lost by 3. Would the game have ended differently had those things been altered? Who knows, but those are glaring issues. Jamaal Tatum - does he get a chance in the NBA or not?

-> Is it just me or does Memphis have the most retarded uniforms in the tourney? They just look like someone totally effed up some piping. I was looking for the usual logo creep, but found none. Usually off the wall designs are reserved for Nike, but you know there would be a giant swoosh somewhere on the jersey if that was the case. Are they sponsored by Asics or something?

-> Does anyone else get the taste for orange sherbert when Tennessee plays? Or maybe a creamsicle? I now see the Vols lost and I'm a bag of mixed emotions. I can't stand Bruce Pearl, but I can't stand Ohio St. either. Oh well, I love the Big Ten more than I hate the NCAA coach who most resembles Big Pussy from the Sopranos. I'd link it, but I'm lazy. You know I'm right.

-> Tubby Smith is now the head coach at Minnesota. That sound you heard was every coach in the Big (Eleven) Ten, not named Kelvin Sampson or Tom Izzo collectively and in unison say "OH S**T!" In the next couple of days you'll hear from guys like Bo Ryan and Bruce Weber gush about how great it will be to compete against an incredible coach in Tubby, but you know, deep down they are frickin' pissed. Even Thad Motta is reduced to being a second tier coaching star in the Big Ten unless he wins it all this year. For real. As good as Tom Crean is, nobody cares because he's not Jim Boeheim or Jim Calhoun. Bob Knight's Texas Tech team finished behind K-State and people forgot Huggins even coached there. Quick, you have 3 seconds to name the coach at Texas A&M. I thought so. Tubby Smith will succeed in Minnesota - they will go deep into the tournament within 4 years - mark my words. He gets so much out of mediocre talent and he will have better than that up north. Why? Well, if I'm a Black high school athlete in Chicago and I can either go play in the pressure and potentially racial environment of the south, or I can go play for Tubby Smith in a very culturally diverse Minnesota, my choice is easy.


Skurny said...

Adidas sponsers Memphis...I got into that exact discussion last night with a friend of mine. They're awful...

And I got Billy Gillispie within three seconds.

I got blacked out last night on MMOD as well.

*Disclaimer: That was not a racial comment. Thank you.

Brown Buddy said...

Wow, I would love to take exception to the Tubby Smith praise...but I suppose I'm mildly biased. I have a ton of UK fans that are friends of mine, and they surprisingly don't speak of Tubby as a deity. Also, Minnesota...culturally diverse?? I'm pretty sure the only black people there are Torii Hunter and Prince (and yes I'm aware that was a Chris Rock joke- only with Kirby Puckett...but Kirby's dead, so the reference is fair game in my opinion, especially after Prince's halftime performance with the giant fallus).

And while I didn't get Billy Gillispie without having to look it up on ESPN, I should note that you are vastly overrating Kelvin Sampson. That Indiana team was one of their deepest in years, but they were maddeningly inconsistent

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

BB, if you don't think Minnesota is racially diverse, you haven't been there in a while - especially in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, where U. Minn. is located. WWWWWWaayyy more than Prince and Torii Hunter.

Also, I have to say Indiana's talent was overvalued by anyone that thought they were "deep." Even if they were deeper than they had been in years, that doesn't make them talented. People are talking about what Sampson got out of that team. And yes, Tubby Smith isn't a deity, but he has been successful and successful in the tourney at every stop he's had. Way better than Dan Monson has ever produced.