Friday, March 30, 2007


1) Wrote a beautiful lead today. They're price shopping between us and a company that's charging a 1/4 million dollar retainer. Find out tuesday. Hurray for the ESOP.
2) That's 4 leads since wednesday. Although I don't get paid on leads anymore if I write 8 more before 4/11 I'm going to the Cubs game with binoculars to look for Tom Vail. Next week will be the test since they have me working a specific area of the country which is much harder to generate leads for. We'll see. I wrote only two leads for that area this week.
3 ) They let us go at 4:30 today. Why? We did our job. In fact our job is done until Tuesday and we've got half of Wednesday covered. If we bust ass on Monday we'll be out early Wed and Thursday too.
4) My beer is ready to bottle. Will bottle tomorrow. It's fucking amazing. At only 3% alcohol but packed full of flavor it is a classic English Ale. Carbonation will be complete in 7-14 days.
5) A couple days warmer than this and I'm busting out the smoker.
6) Seriously considering taking math classes at Loyola. Why? a) they're practically free because my wife works there. b) there is always room in the finance industry for someone who can do complex math equations. I figure if things don't work out at my job I'm covering my ass, and if they do and I make it to ESOP and go into semi-retirement I can land a great six figure job. Classes begin at the end of May.

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