Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Night, Just Got Paid -- by J.O.B.

1) Gotta love the IRS when it's working for you. Got the refund in the bank today, so tomorrow is all about fixing stuff and paying people. And spending some money on useless crap.

2) New office j.o.b. is the most mentally peaceful sales job I've ever had. Their fiscal year ends at the end of May, and I'll actually get year end bonuses if my territory hits it's goal for the year, even though I'd only be responsible for the last two months. On the downside, I can't get to any personal e-mail at work and a lot of other minutiae is blocked. Effin' billion dollar corporations.

3) Georgetown vs. Florida in the final? I'm eager to see the Hoya front line agains the Gator front line. I'm down with With Leather's jesuit bias in the tourney. Hoya Saxa - Latin for "What Rocks!"

4) I know I talked last year about a Russian movie called "Night Watch" that I said was incredible and needed to be seen and given more publicity. Well, the sequel (or I think what is supposed to be part two of a planned trilogy) is coming out this summer and is aptly titled, "Day Watch." If you see the first one, you'll understand. It's marketed as a horror or a terror movie, but it's anything but. It's shapeshifters and sorcerers and vampires and cursed virgins and so on. It's ridiculous. I swear, rent "Night Watch" and thank me later.


jnicho5 said...

Isn't it amazing how much work you get done without personal e-mail?


Skurny said...

I think it's depressing. Shame on you.