Thursday, March 15, 2007


1) Is it worth driving an hour to an IMAX or do I watch 300 at the amazing theatre down the street?

2) Okay, I get it! This kegs and eggs thing is like BB's way to make up for not going to Spring Break this year. Dude, you're too old! Get over it! BB, did you ever go on Spring Break? I'm guessing not.

3) Got put on the Final yesterday. Only reason this bothers me is that I have to make a decision on what I want to do with my life! Sorry guys but I'm not into job hopping. I can't make DECISIONS!!!

4) Thank God for the beautiful weather. Is it just me or does anyone feel like we lose half our lives due to winter?


Brown Buddy said...

What in the fuck is your problem?? I haven't mentioned Kegs & Eggs in ANY context other than to answer the questions people have about it. Yesterday's goals were all about baseball players...and not even famous ones. And before that I hadn't mentioned anything about it in a week. Of course, knowing all of this would've required reading...and we all know your stance on that little inconvenience, so I guess I shouldn't act surprised.

Go read your product knowledge guide

jnicho5 said...

funniest fucking coment


AngryWhiteMan said...