Thursday, March 15, 2007

We're all "Mad" Today -- by J.O.B.

1) The Madness begins at the wonderful start time of 11:25. Isn't television great. "Screw your Tivo's and your attempts at taking your 11:27 piss. We're starting the first game at 11:25. Whores.

2) Of course, I don't think any of this will matter today. My buddy just let me know the Bulls are holding an open practice today at the UC, and I wouldn't miss that for the world, and surely not for the start of the tourney. Hmm, one day of missing a tournament that goes on tomorrow-Saturday and then next Thursday-Saturday and then the two weekends, vs. missing an opportunity to listen to Scott Skile berate grown men in a small setting on a Thursday afternoon? Not even a discussion.

3) Making a dash for the cash before the record thing happens. Have an opportunity with Cintas and one with a logistics company I'm mulling over. Cintas is 90% account management (aka order taking) with a lower base. Basically, easier to make commission but less base pay. The logistics company has a higher base pay, and commissions are probably higher also, but creating the book of business is tougher. Considering that I'm only planning on being there for the next 90 days, I may go with the one that allows me to snag commissions quicker. AWM, both of these are places you should look into.

4) Saw 300 on IMAX last night. My goodness I love this movie. Just totally rocks through and through. I also managed to somehow eat 15 legs at Buffalo Wild Wings. Not the little drumstick legs - the big honkin' .50 on Wednesday legs. I'm still bloated.

Extra specials: I was going to put together some tourney knowledge, but I honestly didn't see enough college basketball to really break anything down. Next season, I should be back in full form. After spending multiple hours on line last night, I agree with Skurny that Maryland could be tough. Expect upsets to come from different places than you'd expect - ORU over Washington St., perhaps. Illinois beating Virginia Tech (more of an upset by seed,) and VCU over Duke. Albany could knock off Virginia. Upsets that people like that won't happen? Winthrop loses to Notre Dame and Butler handles ODU.

Expect teams you forgot were good to potentially make a run. I see Vanderbilt being impressive for some reason. Maybe USC goes a little deeper than you thought and Tennessee is either ripe for a first round upset, or poised to make a run at least to the Elite Eight.

Who is going to Atlanta? Hell, I filled out 4 or 5 brackets, all with varying results. I like Kansas or Georgetown to win, but wouldn't be surprised if Florida is playing on the final Monday night again. Memphis is the number 2 everyone has forgot about. I wouldn't.

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jnicho5 said...

Did you get both of those leads from Global? I swear to God I got the same offers. One was outside and the other "order taking" one was inside.

To quote Maury Ballsteins "Screw them! Hold out for more!"