Thursday, March 1, 2007


1) Got another today. I ended the week as the team lead in leads. My team leader was happy with the progress I'm making. Another team lead half seriously joked I'd have his job or some other team lead's within the month. As long as it comes with the pay check...
2) Despite it being the worst day ever, and the worst two weeks ever in company history our department had another record breaking month, beating last months record breaking month. We still got chewed out for it being the worst day ever. Then we were read congratulatory letters by the president and VP.
3) One of the closers on the team used to work for Jill when she was a DOA on 10. He worked for her for 3 months. I don't know if he got canned or quit. He now makes more than Kevin Jenkins and Robyn Palmersheim one year later. We laughed about her horse face and udders.
4) I shit you not when I say this. This former CTU employee who is now a team lead got sent home at 1:30 for being 5 minutes late from his 1/2 hour lunch two days in a row. He had already made the company 1,500 dollarsthat day (for which he received 750) and generated a lead. After he left some business of his closed for which he recieved about another grand. Not a bad days work for not even being there.
5) So this big-wig came to talk to us today. He's in charge of a group of people that sit in airports 5 days a week waiting for a call to come into your company and try and close the owner on a 30-60k evaluation in which he needs half the money before he leaves, no to mention a $12oo to $1800 check when he walks in the door. He stopped his speech half way to answer his phone. He said, "yes, uh...yes, all right just kill it". Which was instructions for the guy to go in and sabotage the deal. Just start throwing ridiculous bullsh!t out there and being a real a$$hole so the deal doesn't go through. I work for a company that's selective on which 30-60k checks they collect. The most mind blowing mind fuck I've encountered so far.

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