Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday For $400, Alex -- by J.O.B.

1) Yesterday's meeting in Michigan went splendidly. There isn't enough space here to go into detail, but I'll just say that they've got a business model that is not only unique to the music industry but very capable of success. Like anything worthwhile, it is going to take some serious work, but it's never really work if it's something you love. Plus the money is just retarded. Final decisions haven't been made but I believe I made the impression they were hoping for. Ninety days is about how far out we are.

2) There was a point today when no less than 7 people on our sales team were all playing Frosty Flips from at the same time, while being on looped voice mail to boost talk time.

3) Eff Chicago at this time of year. At least in December and January, cold and snow is expected. Jesus H., it's March and I still can't figure out whether I need to wear snow boots or dress shoes to the office. Screw it, I'm going barefoot on Monday - weather gods be damned.

4) Haven't been to a Bulls game in a while. I wonder if they still cannon-fire out free t-shirts. Isn't it amazing how crazy people go for crappy free stuff? I've seen guys spill beer on neighbors trying to grab free t-shirts and the like. We're talking maybe a $5 shirt. Is your wardrobe so malnourished that you have to viciously yank a white Bulls tee out of that 7 year-olds hand? Was a $200 ticket really the smart purchase if you're fashion poor?

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