Friday, March 2, 2007

Last One -- by J.O.B.

I don't think I had any Anna Nicole Dead posts on this site, but either way, this will be my last one. Did they really have press coverage for her funeral today? Are you ess-in me? This chick is famous for gold-diggin' the skeleton from my 7th grade health class. And for getting fat. And then having gastric bypass, er, I mean using a great dietary supplement and vigorous exercise (read: banging anything with a penis) to get back into shape. And then doping up on so many medications that sobriety was abnormal. This we give media coverage to?

I don't think Kurt Cobain's funeral got press coverage like this and he had talent (with a shotgun ... did I write that?) Debbie Gibson never got this much press coverage for her funeral. What? Debbie Gibson is still alive? Shoot, someone needs to do something about that (here I insert the necessary "just kidding" so all the whack jobs - aka AngryWhiteMan - don't have someone else to blame for deciding to eliminate her.) I bet Dana Plato is rolling over in her (shallow) grave right now.


Brown Buddy said...

Dana Plato is dead? Did Willis kill her??

AngryWhiteMan said...

I almost shed a tear! Debbie will never die! "Hold on for one more day. Break free break from these chais. I know, I know that there is pain. But if you hold on for one more day. Someday somebody is gonna..."

...oh wait, that's Wilson Phillips. FOOTBALL. BEER. TESTICLES. oh wait, that's kinda gay too.