Friday, March 2, 2007


1) I secured one of the largest leads this month. 100million. If the closer can do his job on monday I get payed again. If this guy decides to go with us to do his business and I'm still with the company in a year or two, I get a commission check around 40k. No f'n joke.

2) 'Cause I was new, I got to bang in a lot of junk last week that normally wouldn't count. Then I put in one legitimate lead every day this week. So people assumed I was good for one. Today starts a new week. I got one at 10am and people were like, "hey, great job". Then I got a second one 15 minutes before the bell and I swear to God there were at least 8 people who had the look on their face, "no f'n way. who the hell is this guy?" while there other half were like, "maybe he's the truth."

3) I cracked open a bottel of champagne today 'cause the last thing one of my seniors said to me was "Hey man, get hammered tonight 'cause you deserve it". He's on a leadership retreat to Minneapolis this weekend with 5 other over achievers. I'm having my first drink since London.

4) Pay day next friday, but they were giving away cash for every lead generated after 2:00pm. I got $20 for my 4th quarter effort.

5) F'ck this sh!t, I've officially bought in. I've seen 3 guys this week make 3 grand or more. One guy has been there for 6 weeks. They're going to double their sales force over the next 4 months which means they'll be need for team leads and closers. I probably couldn't get a closer job yet, but I did find out that team leads get an extra commission off of every sale by a team member. All I got to do is keep bringing in business since they'll be even more team lead position opens when they promote the current ones to fill the closer slots.

6) Some loser had a chance to leave at 4pm today and get a free lunch if he answered the following trivia question, "What comedian played the roles of Tyrone, Dylon (sp?), Lil' John, and Prince." His answer: Martin Lawrence. My response, "I wish I were as white as you to get asked a question like that". He's the rookie that made 3 grand this week. And I'm the guy who got a 2nd lead because he didn't answer his trivia question correctly and therefore didn't get to leave early. I work across the street from a church. Coincidence??? The number 23...

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