Monday, March 5, 2007

Moonday goals

1. Back after a whirlwind weekend which included New York on Friday and Philly on Saturday. Hung out with the Chairman of Billboard Records on Friday and rubbed shoulders with 76er and local Philadelphia Dreamboat Kyle Korver on Saturday night. Random.

2. Championship week is here! After blowing a big lead against hated OSU on Saturday (which took another 3 years off my dad's life, thanks Michigan), Michigan gets another shot on Friday if they beat Minnesota on Thursday in the Big 10 Tourney.

3. Anyone else catch Steve Nash's diarrhea comment in the post-game interview with Tafoya yesterday? Hilarious. Maybe we should rename the blog "Steve Nash's diarrhea".

4. Can I have this in my house?
(AWM: This is not one of the muppets.)

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