Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday Again?!?! -- by J.O.B.

So I saw Breach and Black Snake Moan on Saturday after watching Tyrus Thomas put his genitals all in Rasual Butler's face with a sick dunk on Friday at the UC. Anyway, I'd recommend both movies and it drove me to think of something. I think we all have a couple of famous women that we think are oddly attractive to us, but wouldn't openly admit to being into. They aren't drop-dead gorgeous, but they aren't disgusting either (maybe.) You may not even think that you'd "do" 'em if you met them in person, but you just find yourself drawn to watch things they do. Here's five of mine for goals:

1) Laura Linney. She's one of those chicks who is just conservative-hot. She's not "knock-out" attractive and the fact that she's covered up in anything I've seen her in makes me think she's got an average body at best. But there's just something about her that gets me going. She's got that "professional-older-woman" vibe going - like she might be smarter than you and that's sexy.

2) Ann Coulter. Speaking of conservative-hot. She's bonier than a Lamb Lake catfish but you have to dig a chick that speaks her mind like she does. Who cares whether you agree with her or not? She says stuff that most of the public is afraid to say. You know she dresses up in crazy black leather outfits with her boyfriends. Wacky.

3) Amy Lee. I know - most of the free world thinks this chick is just regular every day hot. Not me. She's middling at best. Plus she's weird and makes Christian music that she abhors being called Christian music. However, any chick that can belt out the crap she belts out is impressive. You forgo top-notch looks for a chick that can rock you with her voice.

4) Christina Ricci. Smoking body for sure. We all know that and if you don't, just go see BSM, you'll be convinced. Here's my problem: She's got, like, a 12 head. It's at least 3 times as big as a forehead. Neck down - great. Neck up - ugh. Seriously.

5) Linda Hogan. Yep, I said it. We already know her daughter is hot and we know that the Hulkster is actually an extremely paranoid father, and this all makes Linda MILF-tastic. She's such a playful flirt on the show - which you can do when your hubby is 6'6" and 305lb.


Skurny said...

For the record: I love Laura Linney

Brown Buddy said...

Oooh, this one is going to be fun....Thanks JOB!