Monday, March 5, 2007


1) Screwed the pooch today. I banged in a lot of junk and none of it stuck. At least I don't suck as much as the other new guy. He's so horrible. His t-lead told me he was terrible but I thought the guy was just being an a-hole 'cause everyone I work with is mean. He wasn't. My "mike cohn" sounds worse than Gorzicki on the phone and looks like a little elf to boot.
2) 3 regional directors are training this whole week. This means more business for the company and more money for the people that get these guys business to close.
3) New training class coming in next Wednesday. Survive until then.
4) Find 4 more between now and close of business Thursday. 4 more means I make beer on Saturday. Not 4 more means it could be another several weeks. That would suck.

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