Wednesday, March 7, 2007


1) I let LBB know already, but they let go of Tom H. Quick run down - Tom was put on a Final in January... He needed to hit 6 enrollments and start 4. Well, he hit 6 and started 3... So they didn't take him off the warning... Last month was a bad month for a lot of people and only two people enrolled more than 5 (the only two to hit budget.) Tom had 1 for the month so... they let him go. Okay, this guy was a Senior last year and is one of the few people capable of hitting budget so why let him go? Oh, I'm sorry... They fired him. They use the term "let go."

2) So, I played some 'mocraft last night... What a waste of life. Or is it? I guess I could have been out drinking or like some of our other members like to do, smoking weeeeed. Really, is it so bad? I guess if I had better shit to do, I wouldn't even turn it on.

3) So who won the fucking lotto? Let's find him and rape him...just to say we raped a millionaire.

4) Still didn't finish The Departed. Damn!!

New season of Saprano's coming soon!! I hear it's dark... No, not like I like my women. Bloody and sadistic... Okay, so that's how I like my women.

Heroes in April! ahh... I still haven't caught up on it but I just wanted to say "Heroes."


Baseball in 28(?) days!! yay for me.

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