Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Only Tuesday?

You could tell me stuff that happened yestereday and I'd swear it happened last week.

1) For the third Tuesday in a row I got a call from Cars.com asking me if I wanted a job. Losers.
2) Brown Buddy, can you e-mail me the invite to your party again? I accidentally deleted it.
3) Turned a huge corner today and got two. Everyone was pretty impressed at how I came off a truly horrible day and generated two leads for the company after my "cohn" dropped in two before noon. Trying to one up me my "cohn" dropped in two more in the late afternoon both of which got kicked back for being trash.
4) So I found out it is the company's plan to go public two years after the esop. This means in three years whatever ownership I have in the company will likely triple to octuple two years later when it goes public. That's best case scenario. Worst case scenario is we get bought out before we go public by the 400lb gorilla in the industry and we get cash for our ownership at an inflated rate.
5) Make it 5 years.


Skurny said...

Did I miss something? What are these "leads"? What are you selling? Does this company actually exist?

AngryWhiteMan said...

I'm happy that you are doing good at your new job, I truly am. But please stop talking about the place so much! I don't care about what!! Talk about smoking meat or something again. plz