Thursday, March 8, 2007


1) Looking forward to seeing Andy next week. Word up bro'....
2) My week runs from Friday to Thursday. As of Tuesday I was tied 5 ways for fifth place (essentially in 10th overall) for # of leads. I end the day today with two and tied for first for the week. My reward? $6 and for a 1/2 hour I received a small promotion in responsibility that was taken away from at the end of the day.
3) My boss came in wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday, looking like hell, and freely admitted he didn't go home last night and slept in a hotel. I told you he reminded me of Tom Vail.
4) 12 newbies started today. 4 of them didn't even make it on the phone 'cause they suck and couldn't follow directions. 7 of them suck out right and I doubt any of those guys will be there next week. My "Cohn" screwed the pooch today and end the week with 5 so he doesn't get paid. That's the second week he hasn't gotten paid. I think they might give him one more, two if his T-Lead steps up to bat for him. Did I mention his T-Lead is the biggest a-hole I've ever met?
5) Going to M-in-law's this weekend. Rumor has it that 4 of my home brews are still in that fridge. I can guarantee one of them will be in me before 8pm on Friday.

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