Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bob Griese says Ass on ESPNEWS

Griese, Uncorked

And Whoa: Bob Griese just said "He got his ASS KICKED" live on the News...he was talking about Brady Quinn and dropped it, paused and stammered on. This is a classic interview, some other gems:

On who BG would pick first in the NFL draft:

"Russell: I hear he's a great, wonder guy. I have not met the young man yet but I hear he's smart, intelligent, caring, warm and all that other stuff, but I'd pick Brady Quinn."

"I like the heck outta him!" -Again, Quinn.

"Russell didn't have to play against LSU's Defense, Brady did!!" -on the 2oo7 Sugar Bowl

"Who's got the better arm, you or your son?"

BG: "Without question, the old man...I hope Brian's watching this, too." Ba zing

"Don Schula doesn't play blackjack or craps in Vegas, he only plays's all he can understand!" He's on fire!

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