Thursday, March 8, 2007

Late Goals

1. Finish Season 3 of 24 tonight...I'm completely addicted. Who knew Kiefer was so cool?

2. One week til Chicago and 9 days until my liver officially attempts to rip itself from my body and go on strike. Thanks to BB and his presumably gay roommate, I'll be starting at 9am this year.

3. Looks like my next project after shitville could be.....drumroll pleeeeaaaassseeee:

Charleston, South Carolina. Never been there but I hear it's real cool. I can't wait to get there and meet some hot southern bitches. Let's hope they have teeth and realize that the North won the Civil War. AWM: Please see the link.

4. T minus 1 day until 300 comes out. I cannot wait. I want to scream "TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELLLLLLLLLL" in my office so bad it's killing me.


5. From NPR:
"Morning Edition, March 8, 2007 · A 22-year-old engineer just out of Duke has used his education to bring back the good times. He rigged up a catapault to his mini-fridge, activated it with a remote control, and voila: a beer-tossing machine. It took him 150 hours to put it together."

Fucking Duke...This idiot could have spent 150 hours DRINKING beer instead of impressing a bunch of engineering dorks who probably only drink Zima's anyway. Loser.

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