Friday, March 16, 2007

Mad Friday

1) Dropped one in at 6:35, they shut it down at 6:45. I just never gave up and kept punching away.
2) I got a sale running next Thursday that I dropped in yesterday. Its so far out they won't give it to me yet in case the guy backs down with buyers remorse. They want to wait until Tuesday to let me celebrate and recognizet the bonus. That's the bad part. The good part is I have the rest of the week to generate more sales to get put on the big contract.
3) I got a lot of sh!t to do tonight and most of involves getting my beer stuff organized. I'm gonna try and be out of the party by 11 and over to the Brew n' Grow by noon to pick up the ingredients for the English Bitters. Then its back home and brewing away.
4) Here's the real question (except for JOB) do you think you'll watch more basketball games this weekend or drink more beers?

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