Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Saturday

1) Brown Buddy's Party was a blast. How many people do you think were there before 11? I'm guessing close to 40. Eggs were delicious.
2) Went to Penny's for lunch and about burned my toungue off. Weird since I have a pretty high heat tolerance and that dish hasn't kicked my butt before. I think I seriously burned my tongue in November. 'Cause in December I had a real sensitivity to all things sour. Last month it was salty. A couple of weeks ago it was bitter and now this. It's like my tongue is growing taste buds again.
3) Brewed beer. I used a different, better kind of yeast, but I may have done it wrong, so we'll see if I have 5 gallons of beer at the end of the week, or 5 gallons of sugar water. Plus the spigot didn't work as well as I liked, and I had to add hot water afterwards to bring the temperature back up to 60. So there is a chance, albeit a slight one, or infection. Potential Alcohol was 5.3% which means the beer should come out between 3.2 and 4.5% alcohol which is right on par with an English Bitter like Boddington's or London Pride.
4) Happy St. Patty!

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