Sunday, March 18, 2007

Great Weekend

1) Skurny won the "8:59 Award", being the first one to show up. We decided beforehand that the "winner" would have to do a kegstand, but I took pity on Skurny...after all, he doesn't have a home. I actually put money on my buddy Owens being the first one there...but sure enough, he got lost on the way...

2) At the party, JOB actually went out of his way to embody the black man stereotype...right down to his "being on his way to a football game" where he undoubtedly was either a defensive back or tailback. You know...because of his "quick feet"...and huge weiner

3) AWM...I hate to say were missed. Its too bad you felt like you weren't invited, because not inviting people is so contrary to the spirit of the event. I feel very passionately, as does my roommate, about opening up my home and welcoming anyone and everyone. There were tons of people there whom I didn't know. Sure most of them were girls...and I'll never turn a girl away...but I felt like a lot of folks felt welcome.

4) The Theme of the Day: Corndogs. Lots and lots of corndogs. My hot neighbor won some corndog this company shipper her 500 we never ran out of food. And tonight, I took a box down to the Ronald McDonald house, and the kids there took down half a box. Needless to say, they were a huge hit.

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