Monday, March 19, 2007

Save My Liver Fund Goals

1. BB: Great party, glad we could get the band back together on Saturday. It was the beginning of one of the longest days ever for me...I think it ended around 2:30am after a 6 hour bus/pub crawl, a few more parties and about 160 beers...ugh...I'm still in pain. Thanks for having us, BB.

2. Other a less painful note, my Bracket is really shaping up. I've got 14 out of 16 Teams still in it, including correctly picking Oregon/UNLV, Vandy, Southern Ill and Tenn. I have Florida beating G-Town in the Final Game...I'm ranked 82,000th on

3. So immediately upon landing in Shitown last night, the door opened but the Pilot announced that everyone needed to stay seated for a few minutes. Then, two of Allentown's "finest" boarded the plane. Immediately I'm running through Saturday's hazy events, trying to determine if I stole anything, exposed myself or actually pushed someone into the Chicago River...thankfully, the Stewardess called the Fuzz because of two unruly skanks in the back of the plane, book 'em Dano!

4. Only have to be at work today until 12pm...and it can't come soon enough. I can't wait to be back asleep.

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