Monday, March 19, 2007

The Party's Over Goals

1) Dropped in 0 today. Poop. I'm not so much frustrated over the fact that I didn't generate any business today as I am over teh fact that without leads, I'll never get the big contract.
2) Those f2ckers kept us there 'til 6:45. But they did buy us Jimmy John's. Mmmm.......
3) One of the senior associates took me and this other nerd (we're the two nerdiest guys on the whole team) aside and told us he's going to work with us personally until we both get promoted. The nerd is already on the big contract but the next step for him would be team lead, and then SA. None of the other 5 SA's are doing this with any of the other employees.
4) Some t-lead lost his t-lead position and all the bonuses associated with it. Why? 'Cause his team did sh!tty two weeks in a row. I don't think he finished in dead last either week, but both weeks his team was below the minimum standard.
5) I've got 5 gallons of Extra Special Bitters brewing in my kitchen. Its bubblin' away. Tomorrow I take the lid off to make sure it isn't skunked, and to take a specific gravity reading.
6) I must of done something right. My wife bought a 6 pack of blue moon. I need the bottles empty for this weekend, but she could've bought Bud Lite. Woo-hoo! Blue Moon baby!


Brown Buddy said...

You actually like Blue Moon? Ugh...not a fan of wheat beer in general

AngryWhiteMan said...

I really like Blue Moon and haven't met a person that didn't.

But what do I know? It's made by Coors so I'm genetically inclined to like hick beer.