Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tues Goals

It's 10:34 p.m. and I'm the only one to post goals since yesterday. What's up?

1) Boss took us out for drinks tonight. Never had that happen before at any job. Pretty cool. My T-Lead said its a big deal to get invited out for drinks and he's glad to see I've made it this far. He then said, "That's a huge step for you". I went milk toast and ordered Blue Moon which my t-lead and boss were drinkin'.
2) I find out tomorrow if my second sale sets. I got 1 today and I find out tomorrow if it goes to sale. If I get two sales tomorrow, me and the big contract gotta date with destiny.
3) Found out that some guy on my team was the second humvee in on the recon unit into Iraq. He was 17 and it was his dad's birthday. No matter how sh!tty your day was, it puts things into perspective, huh?
4) Where y'all at you rock candy b!tches?

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