Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shock And Awe -- by J.O.B.

Circumstances, circumstances and more circumstances have kept me off-blog for a couple of days. Either that or I've been too lazy enjoying what equates to my very own spring break. Oh yeah, I think that's it. The reasons?

1) The Tourney started. If you have to ask "What Tourney?" your name is probably AWM. Seriously, by the time I finish checking the 9 brackets I have entered between CBS Sportsline and ESPN, plus functionally figuring out if I can actually still win one, then reading all the additional hype, not even counting watching the actual games, I've been too exhausted to really venture elsewhere online.

2) BB's party. Holy crap, I was amazed. I got there a little before 10 and not only was the house packed, it was packed with attractive chicks and less than attractive dudes. I was completely floored. Highlights of my hour-plus stay: BB having a meltdown when his computer crashed and jnicho terming that "blah, blah, blah" should instead be said as "AWM, AWM, AWM." Eggs were great - they gave me all the energy I needed for football, where I used my quick feet and larger than average weiner to score many touchdowns.

3) Entertaining lil' J.O.B. Part of my "spring break '07" has been spending a little more time with the kid. She does more amazing stuff every day, but she still thinks she knows how to type, and if she gets her hands on the keyboard, she'll try and prove it. I've jumped offline at least four times in the last two days just to get her out of the office.

4) Movies with wifey. Wifey knows how little time I'm going to have at home as things heat up work/business-wise in the next few months. She's sharp enough to take advantage and lock me down for some Blockbuster nights lately.


Brown Buddy said...

that was not a meltdown!! ok maybe it was...but it was carefully orchestrated...wouldn't you have been disappointed if I hadn't had one?

Skurny said...

One for the ages!

Damn Dell!