Friday, March 16, 2007

March Gayness Goals

* Personally select 150 athletic white people to go into seclusion for 100 years and dictate who breeds with who so I can create a genetically superior race of white people. What’s the reason for this? So I can stop hearing how white people are so fucking horrible at sports. Wow, now dontcha think this might create a more athletic group of people? ROFL

* Gotta have $ to make $….right? What’s a good # to shoot for to start investing? Nerds unite!

* Most important goal of my day; Try to not be seen. Not even once. It’s very possible with my new seat. Jill doesn’t know if I should be working Friday or Saturday. I think I can do it.

* Now really, is “brian ass man griese” really necessary? C’mon Andy. I thought we talked about this kind of thing.


AngryWhiteMan said...

Damn it! I was caught. At least I have St. Patricks day off!

This isn't good when you're on a final. "But I swear I thought I had to work tomorrow." :P

Skurny said...

You love Jill long time.