Monday, March 26, 2007


1) Finished writing 3 chapters of my upcoming book this weekend, and found a working title for it as well, "Career Suicide." I'm actually really proud of it so far, my roommate is proofreading what I have so far this week (he has an english degree...I don't). I changed everyone's names to protect identities. J.O.B. your name is "Jamel"

2) 0 for the final four puts me in dead last in the office pool. Luckily my fantasy baseball draft is tomorrow night, so I can redeem myself in meaningless sports monetary pools. I'm drafting 5th...I'm thinking Ryan Howard...unless Soriano falls to me (gotta love his SB's)

3) June 2nd - Cubs vs. Braves - Wrigley Field. I just bought my Brian McCann jersey on e-bay, and I'm sittin' bleachers, baby. If I come out of this one alive, I'll write another novel about the experience...I promise

4) And finally today, I just can't find words for this kid anymore. The ceiling has officially been removed, and I'm ready to believe anything at this point. I hereby am making the bold prediction that we haven't seen the most dominant athlete of our lifetime yet. Not Jordan, not Gretzky, not Tiger, not LeBron, not Rex Grossman. Here is Sidney Crosby scoring 1 on 4 against my beloved Montreal Canadiens (sometimes you just have to tip your cap, and sometimes you're so floored you can't even speak for an hour).

Click Here because this fucking site sucks and won't let me embed the video. Fuck you blogspot.

Update: Why the fuck is it not allowing comments?? Seriously fuck you blogspot. Fuck you up your stupid ass.