Monday, March 26, 2007

Lovely Day For Work -- by J.O.B.

1) First day at the new J.ust O.ver B.roke today and this should definitely be the last place I work where I am employed by someone else. Why? For one, the job is a cakewalk. 90% account management? Try darn near 100! I listened to two different girls do their thing on the phone all day and the only prospecting for new leads they did was to ask me if I was married or not. The girl to guy ratio on our sales team is about 10:1, which would be great except for two things: 1 - I'm happily married, and 2 - there may be one marginally hot chick among the group. Throughout the building I think the odds are even higher in estrogen's favor, but lower in percentage of marginal hottness. Definitely a place I can actually get work done in.

2) Box Elder infestation! I hate these sons of b***hes and they keep showing up in the house. They're essentially harmless, but they're just pests and I guarantee my daughter will eat one if she gets her hands on it without Mrs. J.O.B. or me seeing it. She is my kid afterall. The worst part is that they look like cockroaches, although they're nothing like them. My Father-in-law, the Don, is cutting down the big tree in our front yard, so hopefully that will entice them to move on.

3) In a stroke of genius my phone was crushed today. I was repairing the bumper on my old Altima when I realized the kit I bought was missing a necessary component. I took the newer Altima to Autozone, half angry and not remembering that I had set my cell on the back of the car so I'd hear it if it rang. I got about a mile down when someone honked their horn to let me know they saw it fall off. It's in multiple pieces. The funeral will be held on Thursday and we'll get the autopsy results back sometime in May. I'm going to go with accidental overdose.

4) In shocking news, Kerry Wood is going to start the season on the disabled list. Thanks Cubs, that's like telling me the Cubs are going to play home games at Wrigley this year. Speaking of which, by mid-July I should be full-timing it with my own biz ventures which means more day games at the beer garden on Clark and Addison! Let's hope at least four of the eight position players haven't gone down with injuries by then. Go White Sox!

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Brown Buddy said...

Even if Wood were 100% healthy, would he even be that great anymore? You realize he's 30 now. He was never a good fit for the bullpen, because he typically is a guy who takes an inning or two to get loosened up. I don't know why they resigned him, he doesn't have much upside anymore, and they could've spent that 7 million on someone who can actually get on base and not strike out 140 times a year