Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Goals for Tuesday

1. 3 out of 4 Final Four Teams correct. I missed OSU because as a good Michigan fan, I can't pick them going past the Sweet Sixteen. I don't care if they had Oden, Bill Russell and George Mikan, I still wouldn't pick them. Anyway, I'm in 6th out of 120 in my Office Pool and 1st in my College Pool. Looks like I'm out of my big one because the guy in first and I both have Florida beating G-town in the Championship Game but I should win my other one, which is $150 payout...

2. Funniest family related phone call of the week: My dad calling me in a panic Sunday night. They lost power in Michigan (no idea why) with like 12 seconds left to go in Regulation of the UNC/G-Town game..."Andy: WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE GAME? WHY IS OUR POWER OFF? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!" Anyway, the power was out for a few hours and he never got to see UNC fall apart faster than the League of Nations.

3. Anyone following what happened to Pakistan's Cricket Coach? So he was found dead in his Hotel room last week in Jamaica during the Cricket World Cup...now they're saying he was strangled...Read about it here if you're into sports conspiracy theories...crazy stuff.

4. JOB-Please don't cry. You can watch the footage of the crash as well...it's a sad day for Ferrari-one of only 400 ever made. Eddie Griffin is an idiot, for this and for making Undercover Brother, too bad that wasn't destroyed in the crash, too.

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