Wednesday, March 28, 2007


1) Keep digging boys. I don't think they could make themselves look any worse.

2) I tore a sheet of paper into 50 small pieces. On each piece I wrote down random proffesions. I'm now closing my eyes. Here we go........ Ah shit, a janitor.

3) So the roommate moves in soon. It's going to suck but hey, I'll be $500 richer every month! I think I might go out and buy a new Lexus.

4) Talking about breaking a stereotype.


Brown Buddy said...

the new roommate? the girlfriend? Does she even have $500 to her name? let alone a different $500 each month to give you for rent?? And on top of that, is she gainfully employed with a legitimate employer? (not some dude who has her hang out in his basement while he takes questionable photographs for 10 bucks an hour)

Skurny said...

She's making that sweet moolah from the W List Horror movies...remember?

Brown Buddy said...

oh, you mean that video shoot with the guy in his basement with the camcorder? Is he paying more than 10 bucks an hour?