Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday Goals

1) They kept us until 7 last night. I got a lead at 6:45. The closer worked on it for an hour, so I stuck around to see how it went. It closed! Then I realized, "Oh sh!t it's 8 o'clock".
2) Got another lead today. Guy made Castlevania and something else. Wants 20 million to make more video games. We killed it on account of the fact the guy was a complete a$$hole.
3) 11 more leads before April 11th and I get an all expense paid trip to a roof top seat at a Cubs game. All the beer and food I want.
4) Brown Buddy text me this morning wondering if I wanted to meet him for lunch. I thought to myself, "why does a machine need lunch?" then I drank some oil.
5) Totally freaked out one of my seniors today (who used to work at AIU Cumberland) by saying "Let's get some enrollments" in my best Jill voice. It's not the same as Skurny's impersonation but the senior got it right away. After he was done laughing he got dead serious and said, "Don't ever remind me of that place again."

6) Bonus goal. Beer is done fermenting and ready to be bottled. Probably won't get to it until this weekend. Then it should be fully carbonated and ready to go in a week or two after that.

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