Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Goals >:(

1) I don't know who this is but I'm sure nerds do. Cry nerds, cry. It's okay.

2) I saw 300 this weekend and god damn did it suck.

3) At least I can go to sleep at night knowing there are good people somewhere in this world. Just not in Oakland.

4) So the other day in the office our team wanted to come up with a new logo. Thanks to yours truly, we did have a pic of a short bus but that didn't seem appropriate for work. (Only took a year to figure that out.) So my director asked for ideas. Long story short - Nascar guy (white, hillbilly, metalhead) sent a picture of Dale Ern Jr. in his car and no one responded. Someone else sent a pic of Jay Z and people loved it. (I need to remind you that I am the minority at my workplace.) A few suggestions went by and Nascar guy sent a different pic of Dale Jr. The gay white guy on our team burned him by saying that Nascar isn't this team's style. This is Nascar guy's response to the gay white guy (which he then forwarded to the whole team).

"And I think all rap and hip hop artists belong in prison. I’ll fight all I can for a good picture. Using the image of someone that promotes killing people and doing drugs has no business being our spokesperson. "

Wow, you should have seen the reaction! I could've swore Nascar guy was going to get capped after work. Is it just me or are black people too defensive? Oh wait, I know the answer to that question.

* I was kidding about 300. I didn't watch it.

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Brown Buddy said...

I would have capped him. But thats just me. So he's saying that a guy who makes a living making left turns all day should be a spokesperson? At least Jay Z can be considered an artist. Earnhardt would be hard pressed to consider himself an athlete.

God I hate dudes with ponytails. Seriously, if you showed a picture of that guy to people at a real job, they would all laugh hysterically.