Monday, March 12, 2007

300, 65, 1, and 1/2 -- by J.O.B.

1) Almost threw a shoe when I saw AWM's reaction to seeing 300. Then I did something AWM rarely does - I read the whole post. I actually did see 300 over the weekend. Listen to me now if you're reading this and haven't yet seen 300 yet. To hell with the rest of my goals. Grab $10 and your bus pass/car keys and go see this movie right now. It's worth every dollar.

2) In a couple short days I go into semi-retard mode for the next few Thursday-Sunday time periods. The NCAA tourney kicks off and I'm into it like most other red-blooded Americans. Somehow Illinois got in and somehow Syracuse did not. I'm already signed up to watch games at work. How many brackets/pools can I enter by Thursday morning? The over/under is 9. More detailed tourney posts will follow.

3) I heard that Richard Jeni was dead this morning on my way in to work. Really sad. Not necessarily that he's dead, but that AWM thinks that you have to be a nerd to know something about comedians. I mean, I know the guy did a lot of his own material, so he wasn't at the level of a Carlos Mencia or anything, but he was still pretty famous when he was hot. Regular late night talk show appearances, lots of stuff on Comedy Central and on Stern pretty often. A single gun shot to the face. Shame.

4) Watched Stranger Than Fiction last night. It was cute. That's about all I can say. That and Maggie Gyllennalaflajfiaof;jaf;jasfhhaal is the most "sometimes" attractive famous chick I can think of. In that movie, she is definitely attractive. I've seen her in other stuff where I think her brother Jake is by far the more attractive woman of the two.


Skurny said...

I love it, ESPN Classic is showing the Greatest First Round Upsets Marathon right now:

Steve Nash's Santa Clara (#15 Seed) beating #2 Seed Arizona and Damon Stoudamire

Looks like it held true in the NBA, too. Nash has 2 MVP's and Stoudamire has 2 Drug Convictions.

jnicho5 said...

I saw School for Scoundrels and thought it was pretty cool. Although Horatio Sanz was every bad SNL character he ever portrayed rolled up into one guy on camera.