Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Ramblin' Man's Goals

1. The good: Tomorrow I fly to Michigan to hang out with friends and family...very excited about that. Final Four, beers, cold chillin.

2. The bad: Monday (rather than coming back to shitown, pa) I have to fly down to Texas to help save a shitty situation at another client site. Never worked with this particular client and I hear they're a pain in the ass. Great.

3. The ugly: I don't really have an ugly, other than AWM's mom.

4. The finale: At what point do the Brits call Jimmy Carter to help get these soldiers back from the evil hands of Iran? You know Jimmy's not doing shit except building houses and drinking Billy Beer. He's waiting for the phone, just sitting there, drinking beer...paging through old speech notes, calling together his old cabinent (oops, all dead!)...C'mon Britain, make the call, we want more Jimmy! Let those wankers go!

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AngryWhiteMan said...

Everyone knows that my mom is hot. Really