Friday, April 13, 2007

1) Jason Whitlock over at the KC Star had the best take yet on the whole Don Imus thing. I want everyone to read it, especially our token african-american contributor. Thoughts?

2) Made dinner for the lady friend last night...turned out horribly wrong, used wayy too much pasta in my marsala sauce, and thinned it out completely. It was a disaster, but she was polite and told me it was great anyway. I'm hoping this "lying to make me feel better" thing carries over to other areas where I may have shortcomings.

3) Everyone ask Angry White Dick about his interviews this week! He's probably getting an offer today...but he probably won't take it. He thinks I'm pushing him towards it, but little does he know, if he does take it, I get 100 bucks 4 months from now. Its not exactly make-or-break for me...I just want him to take it for personal reasons (IE he hates his current job, like we all did)

4) Skurny where we hanging out this weekend??? Call me brah!!! I'll meet you guys wherever


AngryWhiteMan said...

HA. Sales people. First, he wasn't getting a dime for finding this position and now he is. Liars! I'm surrounded by liars! What happened to this being one of your co-workers accounts? I really don't care though. I might just decline it to piss you off.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

I read the column Friday morning (details as to why I'm just posting now in a special Sunday edition of goals to follow.) I thought it was perhaps the best take on the whole subject. Still no one, not even Imus himself, has brought up the complimenting he did of the Tennesse players, many of whom are black and all of which are women.