Friday, April 13, 2007

T.G.Thursday Is Over -- by J.O.B.

1) Skurny is coming to town? You know what that means - J.O.B. on the town having a drink with the boys!

2) I went to work late Wednesday and left an hour and a half early ... and I still led the whole team in bookings. Nothing like financial reward for slacking off.

3) jnicho, I'm a little German - I'll judge your beer. Holy cow, that's two beer referenced goals in the first three. Someone stage an intervention and call up the Betty Ford!

4) Feeling fortunate. I totally racked my hand playing Golden Tee yesterday. I don't often go for the big bomber shot - you know the one - when you pull your hand about 20 feet away and take a running start at the trackball, diving extended fingers first, thrusting your palm over the white slider to launch a massive drive, all the while making a noise bluntly similarly to clubbing a seal with an oar. Well, I did that yesterday and while my fingers got over the edge of the stand-up console, my lower palm and wrist weren't so lucky. The outer base of my thumb is in some good pain, but only with certain movements. Man, I've seen guys with wrist casts from doing that, so I feel fortunate for just (probably) mildly spraining it.

I was going to write more because the first three goals were kind of short. However, eff that, the last one makes up for it.

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