Thursday, April 12, 2007

Got two records and a microphone

Love that lyric.

1) My wife made the best chicken cacciatorre (sp?). Chicken was tender, moist, and peppery. Delish.
2) My new seat over looks downtown chicago. Only on the 3rd floor, and its fun to watch the worker bees bustle off to the hive....
3) ...And some how I recognize I was ripping on myself.
4) Got word from the man himself that the Skurny-monster might be headed toward the Windy City next week.
5) The english man who tried my english bitters said it was awesome. This is one of the most blunt men I know, so I got a great review from a very fair opinion. Now I just need to find a german. Who knows beer better than the German and Enlish? Isn't that what World War II was about, Ale vs. Lager?
6) Fastest week ever. Friday is already tomorrow. Start planning the weekend.

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